NeoStrata Skin Care Products

NeoStrata’s products offer much more than just skin care.

Healthier skin with skin care from the researchers who discovered AHAs and PHAs.

Clinical studies have shown that NeoStrata products will leave your skin smoothly textured, healthier looking, more radiant, and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

NeoStrata products improve the visible signs of ageing or sun-damaged skin and treat various dermatological conditions including acne, dry skin, hyperkeratosis and hyperpigmentation. Uniquely formulated with alphahydroxyacids (AHAs) polyhydroxyacids (PHAs) and Bionic PHAs, these products can also enhance the therapeutic treatments and skin care recommended by physicians and Aesthetic Practitioners.

NeoStrata Skin Peels

NeoStrata uses Glycolic Acid to provide a superficial to medium depth peel. A course of peels, will give you healthier, younger-looking skin. It visibly diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes and softens skin, increases hydration and suppleness, and balances irregular skin tones. It can also improve oily/acne prone skin.

Higher strengths can help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and certain pigmentation problems.

What areas of the body and what skin types are NeoStrata peels for?

NeoStrata peels can be used on the face, the neck, the chest and the hands and can be used on all types of skin including: fine skin, normal skin or greasy or thick skin. It can also be used safely and effectively on black and Asian skin. The peel solution can be delivered at either 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% fruit acid strengths. A suitable programme will be designed following a consultation with one of our physicians.

Is there any special preparation required?

Before a treatment skin preparation is required for at least 2 weeks with a glycolic acid type product. There are a number of special creams and lotions available to be used in combination with NeoStrata peels depending on your skin type.

How long does the treatment take?

The procedure takes as little as fifteen minutes. And with virtually no recovery time, you can be back to your normal routine the same day. There is no significant pain or discomfort or need for anaesthesia.

How many treatments are needed?

For optimum results it would normally be recommended a course of between 4-6 treatments at two to four week intervals to achieve the desired effect All body areas appear to respond well to treatment with glycolic acid; however, the arms, hands, neck and chest all improve at a slower rate than the face.

Are there any side effects?

Most patients can undergo glycolic peeling without any side effects. The treated skin is virtually normal in appearance. Although rare, a patient may experience mild sloughing, producing some weeping or scabbing. Some redness is temporary and normal. Any of these side effects may be covered with makeup. Rarely, if scabs are picked, scarring may occur or areas of hypo-pigmentation (lighter coloured skin) or hyper-pigmentation (darker coloured skin) may result from a peel.

The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel is a revolutionary peel that will transform your skin into looking younger, healthier and clearer in just one week. The Perfect Peel can be used on all skin types and requires no pre-peel skin preparation. The process takes less than 15 minutes and is virtually pain free.

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